Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{Vintage Thrifting} Colorful Global-Style Table Decor

Finding ways to add personality to my home on-the-cheap is one of my favorite hobbies.  I especially love hunting through vintage thrift shops and antique stores, yard sales, and (of course) HomeGoods and Target.  

Right now, I am obsessed with international elements (and peacock feathers) in my decor, so I had fun pulling together some wild and crazy colorful, playful gems at a local vintage shop, Between Friends.  (If you're in Maine, you should be sure to pop in!  Classical music playing and beautiful treasures from all over the place are set out like total eye candy. This is a totally unpaid endorsement.)

Take a peek at the fabulousness I found!!!

The brights and neons are so on-trend this season, so I couldn't pass up this colorful ethnic tapestry that just so happens to be the perfect (can I say that again? PERFECT) length and size for a table runner!!!! 

Oh my gosh, I'm going to have a dinner party, like, TODAY just so we can gaze lovingly at this table runner...

These crazy candle stick holders had to come home with me!  (I don't know if they're actually kind of hideous or if they're really beautiful - is it weird that I consistently once in a while am drawn to design items that I love, even though I find myself asking that question?)

They're a wooden base with cut and nailed tin applied.  So wild! It's possible they are either someone's Industrial Arts class project OR that they originate in some exotic place half the globe away.

(I love the element of story that exists within vintage items, and I realize the shop class version is very possible in this instance. To me, they're way-cool.)

Hanging on a back wall of the little store were bright yellow tapers.  What's better than seeing yellow tapers on the dining room table, with a yellow couch just through the double doors, right?  Divine.


I thought I was done, when I spotted two lone (are they "lone" if there are two???) peacock feathers!!!!!! Really?  I think I'm in heaven.....

 ... all things peacock-feather
I love...

 And what could be more perfect than a tall, cobalt blue bottle to stand the feathers in as a centerpiece?

 A year ago, I was antiquing at The Schoolhouse Antique Mall and found these really sweet orange and hot pink embellished napkin rings.  (They had tons of great retro kitchen goodies - I even found a tea towel from 1979, the year I was born!  It had a calendar on it, so I had to have it.  It's crucial I know which day of the week any dates from 1979 fall on, right??? Or so I told myself.)

The natural fiber napkins and the round woven placemats are from the clearance section at Target this winter.

Mixing neutrals with brights is an instant mood booster, I think.  

And remember one of my favorite rules of style: 

"It doesn't have to match, it has to 'go'." 
-Stacy London

Do you love thrifting?  
Love using vintage pieces in your decor? 
What's your favorite thrifty find?  

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  1. Great blog and images. I love the detail in the table bases , it really adds a unique touch.