Thursday, May 30, 2013

{Fashion} Brights and Stripes Are Easy and Timeless

What's more classic than a nautical stripe or a tailored jacket?  Combining the two elements is a certain win for pulling any outfit together with a classic French-sailor-chic!

The jacket's tailored cut really defines a waist and creates a beautiful shape.  And who says you can't wear a horizontal stripe?  Whatever.  You so can.

It all comes down to the cut of the piece, not so much the pattern.

Injecting brights into any outfit makes the look really modern and fresh. 

Cropped skinny jeans and a flat are retro... so Audrey Hepburn.  Doing the loafer in a snakeskin is a little unexpected.

Fearlessly mix textures and prints, girlfriend.  It works.  

Adding a bold, playful piece of jewelry gives a classic outfit a personal twist, and a wide belt nicely offsets the thin line of the stripe.

Do you have some stripes in your wardrobe for summer? 
Are you loving the brights that are everywhere now as much as I am?  
I'd love to know what your favorite summer looks are!

(Model: Lia J)

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