Monday, June 10, 2013

My blog address is different now. I hope you'll come to the new space with me!

Hey friends!  I'm outgrowing my little blog space here.  So I've loaded up the big yellow couch, and we've moved across town to WordPress (which was sort of terrifying, but I'm learning my way around!).  There will be more options for growing and all that good stuff once I get settled in. is the new address.

Please click the link above, and enter you email in the righthand sidebar, so new posts come right to you inbox (don't you love easy stuff!?).  And, please click "like" right beneath that, so you can be part of the Facebook community, too.

This blogspot site will not be updated after today, so it's super important you go to the new spot and get subscribed! I'd hate to miss you coming over!

I'm beginning some new writing work, including something I'm really excited about (that you will love!).  Have you been by to check out The You Are Project yet?  It's a wonderful new women's magazine with both print and online versions, and it's the first place I've seen where you can read about decorating, fashion, faith and food and also access great resources.

One of my new jobs is writing a monthly REAL Stories article.  These are amazing stories of women who have gone through some type of struggle, faced a challenge, had something to overcome.  I'm so excited to interview women about their God-stories.  We all have them.  Having an opportunity to look for the overcoming stories all around me is a huge gift to how I see life and God.  It's way cool.

At the new space we'll still chat about all sorts of things, do some decorating and hang out over a cup of coffee.  It will be fun.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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