Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've missed you!

Hey friend, I've missed you this week!  It's been a little hectic, and I'm trying to be mindful of blogging when it's not taking family time.  So I'm learning how to plan ahead some posts, which I'm really excited to share with you over the next week.  My goal is to learn to blog more and more skillfully and to start incorporating some fun things that I want to but don't exactly know how to do yet.... so anyway, enough about that.

For today I'll share a peek into life around here since we were last together.

This should be included with my nomination for "Mother of the Year." Note to self: be better about bedtime, so the children don't grow tired enough to put themselves to sleep in the dog crate.

Me, on Mother's Day, smiling at my cell phone while doing something or other.  My kids ask me why I smile while using various features of the phone.  I really have no idea.... And I may be over-cheetah-printing by sitting on the blanket while wearing the shoes.  Mabel is a diva, obviously.  She needs no introduction.  

Four generations of women who love to sparkle. (My youngest was probably in the dog crate during this photo... I'm not sure.  We just do the best we can.)

Sagie was SO proud of the vases she painted for me!  And they look exquisite with freshly picked dandelions.

One of almost zero photos where my everyone is looking at the camera and no one has their eyes closed.  I dislike being closest to the camera, because I fear it makes my head look big.  My husband thoroughly enjoys when I am seated closest to the camera for this reason. (Thanks, babe.)

Two final photos where we are all discombobulated, like usual, but happy anyway. 

How was your Mother's Day?  

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