Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Peaceful Heart

"A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body..."  Proverbs 14:30

In our run-ragged lives, we try lots of things to fix our body when it ails us.

Have you thought recently about whether your heart is peaceful?

Mine often is not. Too often, I am crabby, anxious, irritable, annoying.
True story.  Just ask my kids. Or my husband.

Today, let's try something new.

Today, let's be really aware of our how peaceful our hearts are.
And let's be mindful of those moments when we notice the peace.
Write them down.

"My heart feels peaceful when ___________________."

One sentence, in a journal. Or a little note in your phone. Whatever.

We all have hard things that threaten to rob our peace.  We have aches and pains that hurt our bodies and our emotions.

Maybe part of taking really good care of ourselves is to invest in moments of peace for our hearts.

Here are some of my peace-moments:

My heart feels peaceful when...

.... I read something inspirational before I start my day.

.... I curl up with my husband. 
.... my tiny girl hugs me and I smell her clean hair.
.... the dogs are trotting along beside me on our evening walk.
.... there is coffee and a good book and morning light. 
.... sharing strawberry shortcake by the river with my husband, late at night, on a surprise date he planned. 
.... classical music plays while I do housework
.... I am writing. 
.... I am creating
.... I spend time talking with other women. 
.... my husband sends me a love text midday. 
.... things are tidy-ish.
.... I finish something I really don't want to do but need to do.
.... I pray. 
.... friends are laughing with me til we have tears in our eyes. 

Here's to you and me having peaceful hearts, making peaceful moments and feeling wonderful today, friend.  I'm so glad you came by!

What is one of your peaceful moments?  Leave a comment or tell us on Facebook! (If you "like" the Facebook page, we can chat over coffee any time, so please be sure to do that if you'd like to stay in touch.)

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