Thursday, May 2, 2013

3 Places to Invest in Your Happiness Today

There are so many to-do lists, appointments, errands, chores, blah blah blah... all this stuff that we "must" do, so we run around frazzled and disconnected and irritable (or is it just me?) and miss some really easy ways to have a more joyful day.  

Here are 3 ways to increase your happiness today:

Invest in friendship.  

Think of one person you'd love to know better, and invite her to get together for coffee or lunch.  Stop saying things like, "We should get together sometime," because it probably won't happen (and nobody really believes you when you say that anyway, right?).  Grab the calendar and mark down a date.  Get it planned.  You'll feel really energized today and on the day you hang out with your friend. 

Have an old friend you think of but keep not-getting-in-touch-with?  Send an email, or make a phone call.  Or get really old-school and send a letter you wrote by hand.  Or (wait for it) stop by to say hello in person.  One of my best friends from high school and I don't see each other as often as we'd like to, because of kids and life keeping us so busy, but we call each other whenever "California Love" is on the radio, because we remember driving around for hours in 1996 in my old Nissan Pulsar with that playing on repeat in the CD player that was velcroed to my dash.  

Do you have some inside jokes with a good friend?  Text a photo that will make her laugh when you see something only the two of you will appreciate.  Pick up that silly little item that will make her laugh.  One of my friends gave me a "Goats in Trees" calendar at Christmas, so every day I smile at a goat and feel loved by my friend for remembering something silly about me. A new friend at church recalled my love of all things peacock-feather and suprised me after a service one Sunday with a purple satin pen that has a humongous (like, humongous) peacock feather sticking up at the top.  These ladies invested in me, and I remember them every day when I'm surrounded by goats and peacock feathers, and I bet they had some sparkle going on when they were choosing these fun gifts, too.

Invest in strangers. 

There's something so unexpected about a stranger extending kindness, that it's really so invigorating!  

Give a sincere compliment.  Women are so often really catty.  You know it's true, ok?  Next time you see someone with a great haircut, let her know you love it!  (Please do this in a sincere and un-creepy way.  And I recommend complimenting someone of your same gender, lest you be misunderstood as trying to put a move on someone.)

Offer someone you don't know to go ahead of you in a line.  Are you still mulling over whether to get the skinny latte or the 2% milk?  Just say, "You can go right ahead.  I'm still thinking," to the couple behind you.  

Tuesday an older gentleman at the grocery store checkout said to me, "You only have two items.  Why don't you go in front of me?"  I declined at first, but he insisted.  And it was a really big treat, because I was slightly panic-stricken about the gallon of ice cream that was probably starting to melt in my trunk. (I didn't plan my errands well, apparently.)  His kindness to me probably made him feel good, and it was a little sparkle in my morning. 

Invest in you. 

Wake up a little early to read something inspiring. 
Go on a walk outside. 
Choose the sparkly one.
Take more slow, deep breaths.
Eat it even though it's fattening. 
Don't eat it, because it's fattening.
Stop cheating on your Weight Watchers points. You will never eyeball 2 tablespoons of peanut butter properly.
Try that nail color you secretly love but wonder if you're too old to wear.
Stop feeling guilty for not loving to climb through the playground equipment at the park with your kids.
Let your teenager take you on a four-wheeler ride, even though you scored a literal "0" in "excitement" on some type of personality profile your mother had to do on you for grad school.
Remind yourself of all the times God has been really good to you.
Allow "it makes me smile" to be a legitimate reason for choosing household decor.  Even the yellow couch.
Keep little notes and mementos in a "special things box." 
Try that project you've been wanting to tackle.
Get the goldendoodle.  
(These are examples from my personal list... feel free to adapt them.)

(a few photos of my sparkle-makers)

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