Saturday, May 25, 2013

Help me choose a paint color for my house!!!

You'll never believe this about me, but I am a painstakingly slow decision maker.  Primarily this is when there are several good options, all of which I like relatively well.  If it's about something strange that probably no one but me would like anyway (yellow antique sofa anyone?), I can make a decision in a jif.

So for the past couple months, my hot husband has been up in the cherry picker, diligently scraping paint off our 3-story, 100 year old Victorian home.  We are total DIY rock stars, people.  

Really, it should be a crime for someone to look so hot scraping paint.

(Ok, this is a time when I'm saying "we" but just mean "he." You know... like, "Hon, we need to get the dishwasher pulled out and repaired this weekend." Or, "Babe, can we get my truck cleaned out today, you think?")  

I learned of a killer Sherwin-Williams paint sale mere minutes (not even kidding) before it ended.  Normally, the frugalista in me would have sent me speeding to the store, however, my 4yr old was in the bath, and my husband was 3 stories up in the cherry picker with his iPod going, so there was no way I was going to have this crew at the store and a decision made before the sale ended, 45 minutes from the second I saw the sale online.  (This is painful.)

There is another similar sale ending today!!!!  

This is where YOU come in.
I've found a few colors I like, and I need to get to the store and spend fewer than 16 hours choosing color.  Would you help a girl out?  

If I show you the colors, could you leave a comment or a Facebook page post naming your favorite color choice?  

My husband will thank you to infinity if I have a color picked out before we get to the store.  He might even come do projects at your house as an expression of his gratitude.... (please disregard the word "out" on each sample... I typed that to indicate "outside" and it could be confusing, I realize...)

The trim we will use will be fairly bright white, just a bit off, and currently we have a red door.  I like that, but I could change it, too.  Ok, GO!

links to color are from the handy SW Colorsnap App for iPhone - LOVE it!!!

Thanks bazillions and bazillions for your big help!  

If you have friends who love to decorate and do all this house-y stuff, PLEASE for heaven's sake, send them a link and ask them to weigh in!  

And if you are a realtor and you think one color sells better than another, I'd love to know!  We hope to list the house after we get all spruced up.  

Remember: post your choice in the comments here or on my Facebook!


  1. Clary Sage hands down. Here's why. It's neutral enough to be buyer friendly, but also not too boring, therefor sparking a little interest and curb appeal. It will go great with the white trip and red door!

    The other brown/gray colors are tricky. Browns can be really tricky because a lot of them have a hint of "pink" to them and look funky when it's all said and done. Some of the grayer tones I think would be too cold/borning. If you do go with a brown, do the Zeus.

    PS: Im a friend of Esthers :)

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for coming over and talking about color. It's nice to meet you.

      I totally agree about the risk of browns having that pink undertone. I love taupey colors, but that part makes it really risky on a large expanse like a house. And you are also right about grays being cold sometimes. I love a warm gray but the cool ones are not my favorite.

      The Clary Sage is really pretty. It's a sage green now, but deeper, and I really want a little change if we're going to the trouble of painting, so the Clary Sage could be a good change. Do you see a hint of light green in the Silver Gray? I feel like I see that having a subtle green-gray tone, which I also sort of like.

      Buyers liking the color is a huge deal to me, because we'd love to sell, so I appreciate your input on that.

      Have a great day! Come on back anytime!

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