Sunday, May 12, 2013

10 reasons my husband should be celebrated on Mother's Day, too. (He did not hack this blog)

This is for my husband, on Mother's Day. Because why the heck shouldn't he be celebrated, too?  (No, he didn't hack into this blog. He's just a really awesome man.)

1. Before we had our littlest baby, he totally grew in his love and dad-liness toward my oldest daughter.  If you have a blended family, you understand the challenges, and we've been so blessed with 2 older kids we adore and a little one who adores them both more than ice cream (in her own words.... that is saying something!).

2. When I was pregnant, he took me to eat lobster rolls and/or McDonald's multiple times in the same day some days.

3.  He was very gracious toward me when the epidural made me fart unexpectedly (by the way, had I known this was a remote possibility I would very likely have opted for natural childbirth again).

4. He used his stealthly charm to woo our very crotchety labor and delivery nurse into something of a groupie.  She may have fallen in love with him during that 12 hours.  She invited him to come back to help with other women's births, because he is apparently a birth coaching rock star.  This nurse-charming made my hours of labor much more lovely (can lovely be used to describe labor?).

5. He patiently endured my months-long obsessive talk about my fear of pooping on the table while delivering the baby - a seldom discussed (in polite society) fact about what's possible when pushing out a baby... I still breathe a sigh of relief each time I remember that I escaped without this dreadful occurrence.

6. When I had pneumonia and our little was a few weeks old, he stayed home from work to take care of us both.

7. When my hormones went berserk, and I cried so hard my mascara was trailing down my face in the car while we were on our way somewhere, he graciously drove me home to redo my makeup.  That will teach him to talk about riding motorcycles.

8. When I told him I really wanted to stay home full time, he supported that dream..  He supports all my dreams.  I'm full of them, you know. And I ruminate on these dreams out loud for ages as I process, which he very wonderfully soaks-in, even though he is a make-a-decision-and-don't-look-back kind of processor.

9. While I've been struggling with fibromyalgia the past few years, and I've felt like I'm not actually doing very well and any of the things on my plate, like I'm letting everything fall a little bit through the cracks, and I don't feel like a very wonderful wife or mom or homemaker or fun-person or anything.... He loves the heck out of me and makes me feel like the prettiest girl he's ever seen.  And he tells me he'd marry me all over again, just like I am.

10. He's such a way-cool dad that it makes my mothering job that much easier. And he's super hot.

Does someone in your life make mothering more wonderful?  Tell me about it in the comments or on the Facebook page!  I'd love to know!  And happy Mother's Day, friend!!!!

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