Thursday, February 7, 2013

These kids grow up so fast (plus Starbucks buy-1-get-1 for you!)

Because you are my coffee loving friends, I thought you'd want to know that Starbucks has a fun coffee deal going on til Valentine's Day!
Who doesn't love an afternoon coffee with a friend?
Or with your favorite teenager after school!?

The only thing better than a coffee date is a coffee date where one of the drinks is FREE, right?


So, today is gymnastics day for my 4yr old.
Last week was Parent Participation Day which, I will tell you, was a hoot.
Somehow most of the children were satisfied with having their mother or father run through the obstacle course a couple times and then mingle and visit with the other parents.

Not mine.

She and I ran through that obstacle course for what felt like hours (the class is 45 minutes long, so this is a testament to how infrequently I exercise.  Thank God for Weight Watchers so I can stay the same size I was when I got married - woot!!!).

I even had a solo turn jumping on the trampoline.
This Parent Participation Day stuff is not for the proud. 

We sure did have fun, though!

Now that I have two teens and a pre-schooler, I am painfully aware how quickly every moment passes by.  It seems like the only way to hang on to some of the pieces is to really be IN those moments.

My oldest is signing up for high school classes soon.
I am ancient.

I can't even imagine how fast those for years are going to zip by me.
The four years my little one has been alive have felt like a blink, and now I have only that long until my oldest steps out on her own.

It's a weird feeling. This having to let go and also wanting to hang on.
I wonder so often how my friends who've had kids leave for college really handle it.
Especially when you're fortunate enough to really like your kids so darn much!

So, friends, what are your secrets for slowing down time?  
And how have you managed to let go in all the million ways you need to while you're raising up and sending out your sweet, grown kiddos?

(leave some ideas for me in the comments, then print off your Starbucks coupon and take someone special out for coffee, and have a slow moment together, because it all goes too quickly.)


  1. I am doing a study right now on One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Counting my gifts each day, and physically writing them down, is one of the best ways I've found to slow down and appreciate the moments. So I have a little notebook where I am keeping track of my gifts, and also have a list on my phone so that I can jot stuff down when I don't have my notebook with me.

    1. That is a great way to hang on to those moments!