Saturday, February 2, 2013

In case you, also, are not a morning person.

I used to be a morning person. I think
At 5am, I would wake for a run.

That is a lie. It was a slow jog. 

I remember having energy in the morning.
When I was 24 I went back to college and relished early morning, getting ready, having coffee and then heading out the door by 7am, listening to rap music to feel young (at that time I didn't realize that 24 is young with or without accompanying rap music).

Now, I'm like, "Who was that person?!"

Having fibromyalgia (that's what I'm told is causing the pain and other annoyances) has caused me to no longer feel like a morning person but more of a couple-hours-midday person. And that's sucky.
So I'm undertaking a Get My Morning Groove Back project. 

It's very unscientific. 

This is it in a nutshell:

*Wake up before the kids (crucial piece for the quiet relaxation desired)
*Turn on Scensy warmer with a yummy-smelling Yankee Candle tart (is that terribly unloyal?)
*Go to the yellow couch
*Drink at least 2 cups of coffee in a pre-heated mug
*Read my Bible without feeling like it's something to check off a list, but slowly enough to absorb a cool truth for my day
*Have another cup of coffee with YOU, you wonderful person
*Have breakfast and vitamins (I'm trying to add some good B vitamins into my day)

Please note that there is no exercise listed.  This is not an oversight.  I truly dislike exercise, so at this early phase in the plan, I fear it would be counterproductive.

We shall consider the introduction of a non-hideous form of exercise in Phase Two.
Although I did participate in Mommy and Me Day at my 4-year old's gymnastics class this week, which must count for something. 

For mamas who need to get out the door for work, you already do the next thing.
For mamas like myself who are home full-time wrangling little ones, this can be a challenge:

Having real, actual clothes on (and makeup, if you want to really take it to the edge) is instant energy.

How 'bout YOU?
Are you a morning person?
What is your morning routine like?  Any favorite parts of the morning that keep you feeling inspired to get up and take on your day?  I'd love to hear!

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