Friday, February 8, 2013

Instant energy (without exercising, spending money, consuming caffeine or leaving the house)

Right now, I'm sitting on the yellow couch listening to my 4yr old blow a whistle (repeatedly) approximately 2 feet from my face.  I am using the time honored tuning-out-mind-numbing-sounds-made-by-your-offspring technique perfected by humans since the creation of man in the Garden of Eden.  (I am assuming this. I realize there is not any specific textual support for this in the Bible.  I hope that doesn't offend you.)

And I'm feeling energized. 

"How?" you ask.  "How, if you have not left the house all day, had a shopping spree, done any sort of commendable exercise or interacted with any human beings over the age of 4 in the past 5 hours, are you feeling so energized?"

I'm so glad you asked.

There is a secret that all of us mamas need to know.
It's free.
It's legal.
It's not fattening.
It does not require going anywhere or doing any cardio (although technically it could, should you wish to introduce such elements).

It will up your emotional sparkle quotient for the day. 
And you can even do it while someone whistles in your face (that is not ideal, but I digress).

For INSTANT energy, try this:

1. Think briefly of a few of the nagging "to do's" you have not done inside your home. 

2. Pick ONE little task you've been avoiding for absolutely no good reason.

3. Do it. 

4. Feel the surge of energy.

5. Reward yourself with watching an episode of What Not to Wear on the DVR. (Oh, did I just say that out loud? I meant to just think it.) 

* Give yourself bonus points if the project you picked will make your husband smile when he gets home from work. He deserves it!

Too simple?  I know, right!???!!!!
AND the extra bonus you receive is that you get to not only have more energy and mind-sparkle (sorry if that sounds creepily like alien-abduction-type vocabulary I just made up.  My 8th grader has been assigned a research project on alien species - I know... I said the same thing.... you are right... and yes, you're right, she won't forget to include ALF - so I may have been subliminally influenced) but you get to enjoy your home more! For at least 10 minutes until your 4yr old gets bored of whistling and starts make believing in the space you just tackled.

My energy-injection-free-at-home projects today:
*Setting up a new makeup case (Target has bunches on clearance!), tossing old makeup I never even wear because
a) it looks hideous on me  or  
b) it is not any good anymore.
My daughter is a makeup fanatic, and she has inspired me to greater organization of all makeup items, so thank you, Lia.

(Warning: Completing one small project may cause an unexpected burst of organizational frenzy.) 

* Clearning out the top shelf (I said start small, ok? There's nothing wrong with one measly shelf, people) of the bathroom armoire.
(bonus: my husband is the most amazing and tidy guy ever, and I know he'll smile about this, since we share the space)

* Pinned 7 pairs of totes-adorbs trousers (Lia, I will never say that again, I promise - I know I'm way too old and that it was "so last year," and yes, my peeps, I said "trousers," and not pants, because that's what Stacy and Clinton say on What Not to Wear - guilty as charged.  And it sounds more chic.)

I MAY attempt to hem today, and I may not.
It depends on if my now-naked-but-at-least-not-whistling 4yr old wants to chill out for a little bit after we play puzzles together.

I'm off to construct a 24-piece puzzle of Jonah being ejected from the mouth of the great sea creature up onto the shores of Ninevah (after helping Sage get dressed again), so I must go, but it was so great to catch up for a few minutes.

Go, tackle one small thing!
I think you'll be surprised how great you feel.
And please do be sure to let me know what you decide to do, ok?

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