Saturday, February 16, 2013

Part 1: How to use elements of great fashion to decorate great interiors

Are you looking for some ways to update your interior decorating but maybe not sure where to start or what to add that will have a really big impact (and for not necessarily big money)?

I just redecorated my master bedroom as a Valentine's Day project, and all my inspiration for that came from things I am really loving right now in fashion!  The elements that make a wonderful outfit will also work together to make a really snazzy (word from my mother) room.

There are several ingredients I try to keep in mind when I'm putting together an outfit or a room.  I thank Stacy and Clinton for drilling these things into my head during morning coffee on the yellow couch over the years, while watching DVR'd episodes of "What Not to Wear." 
(I really should be given a part of their advertising budget. Honestly!) 

We'll break down this whole elements of great fashion-slash-decorating over a few days, ok?

Day 1: Color 

  - Do you have a very favorite color?  That is a perfect place to start.

   - Do you want a quiet, soothing atmosphere or an energetic and playful atmosphere?

   - Do you enjoy soft colors or bold shades?

   - Is there a basic color palette running through your home?  Remember that you usually can look from one space into another, and there should be something "unifying" (something that carries over to make the spaces feel connected).  Being unified doesn't mean everything in all the rooms have to match exactly, but they have to "go."

   - Walls:  Warm colors visually move forward, and cool colors recede.  This means that you can make a space feel larger if you use a somewhat cool tone on the walls or more intimate and cozy if you choose a warm shade.  Also, different rooms will have different natural light, some warm light, some cool (depending on which side of the house they are on), so you need to look at paint swatches in the actual room and see how the light affects the color.

  - If you are sort of neurotic about redecorating (like I can be), it might make sense to choose the larger, more expensive pieces in a neutral shade, so you can change up your accent colors any time and not have much money tied up.  On the other hand, you might fall in love with something as illogical as a 100-year old yellow couch that doesn't go with anything you own and which necessitates repainting your entire downstairs. And that's ok, too. 

   - Want to get your color wheels (no pun intended) turning?  Surf Pinterest (mine is here - we can "follow" each other, if you like!) for tons of great inspiring rooms, and you can make a new board just for your color-love!

Do you have some thoughts on color or on fashion?  Where do you find your design inspiration?  Leave a comment if you'd like!  I would love to hear from you, friend!  

Next, we'll chat about TEXTURE!  Come back for some coffee on the yellow couch soon....

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