Monday, January 21, 2013

Want to have some coffee on the crazy yellow couch?

Hey friend! Welcome!  Have a seat with me on this crazy yellow couch I found at an antique shop downtown, won't you? (aside: the yellow sofa above is not mine, but it's a way better photo than what I have, so it will do nicely)

I'll make some coffee, and we can chat about.... everything!

I'm excited to have you over to my new space.  Maybe we've hung out before at my old blog.

Ever feel ready for a fresh start?
Me, too.
I'm so glad you joined me here.

There's no catchy name.
No snappy designs.
Just me.  And you.

I want this to be a place to be real.
Because we're not always able to fit our days or our moods or the things weighing on our hearts into an adorable theme.

Sometimes we need to talk about hard stuff.
Sometimes we need to talk about heart stuff.
And sometimes we need to laugh about grey hairs and midlife crises and the fact that our teenage daughter (or is that just mine) pointed out that it's probably time for an eye cream (true story).

Every morning, I start out my day on the crazy yellow couch.
It's where I sit to have way too much coffee.
It's where I read my Bible (and some days it's where I don't read my Bible, which is another thing I'm working on this year - will you help me stay accountable, please!?)

I thought it would be fun this year if we spent time on the big yellow couch together.
We can talk and grow and laugh and share life.

It's important to spend time with friends.
I'm realizing that more and more now that I'm in my {gulp} mid-30's.
Life goes too quickly.
And I sure do love my girlfriends like crazy.

So, come on back.
It's tricky sometimes to make time to sit across the table from each other,
but this little corner of the web is a cozy little space that's always open.

Let's make this year a time to start fresh,
to really know grace,
to acknowledge that we don't have it all figured out
that we can make a go of it together.

{oh, friend, would you be so kind as to leave a comment to let me know what some of the things you'd like us to chat about are?  books we could read together? decorating projects to tackle? questions you have? thanks - you are the best!}


  1. I can't believe how much you look like your mother, beautiful. And hi by the way cousin. I look forward to reading your blog.

    1. Thanks for popping over to say hi!