Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY antique desk transformation. The very, very beginning.

Yesterday, I hunted down some fabric at Marden's. If you are a Mainer, you know Marden's... if not, imagine a giant yard sale inside a warehouse, where there is some stuff that's not really great and then some things that are total treasures.

I once found a Gucci suit at Marden's for $125.  True story.

I didn't buy it, and it goes into the category of purchases-I-should-have-made, alongside the tres chic Cole Haan boots with little metal studs that I walked away from in 2009 and which my husband brings back to my attention every time I like something and tell him, "I don't think I'll get it."

His response, "Is this going to be another Cole Haan boot situation?  Just get (fill in the blank: it, them, those, that)."

So anyway, yesterday I was fabric hunting, because:
*Marden's has a killer supply of fabric.
* I have zero experience with fabric-related projects (ok, not zero, but like practically-zero... if sewing 3 handbags in 2002 counts).
* I don't like to waste money.
* Going to Jo-Ann Fabric gives me an anxiety attack, because it overwhelms me visually, and I don't know enough about what I'm doing to do anything but wander around in an overloaded stupor.

I found a black-on-black animal print fabric that's fairly subtle but modern, and I'm planning to re-cover the seat of my antique desk chair.  I have always hated the burgundy that was on it when we bought it. Not fun enough to live next to the wild yellow couch.

I had a way-amazing time with my friend last week being mentored in how to upholster, so I need to jump in while I'm all fired up.  I may paint the chair and table, but I may not.  

Lately I'm having a creativity bug. 

Winter in Maine is so long, and being a stay-at-home mommy sometimes doesn't allow for much of that quiet space for imagining and creating and making art. So I'm trying to build that back in. 
So, I'm intentionally and diligently adding "creating art" back into my life. 

Is there art in you

Unless we make space for it, it won't get created. 
Nobody else will make the art that is swirling in your imagination.  
The dreams that keep you up late and get you up early, those are your gift to yourself.  
And to us. 

So me, I'm starting with my chair.  I'm going to re-make it.  Change it into something that expresses some of who I am.  I am going to make that little corner of my living room prettier, and in doing that, my home will have a little splash more sparkle.  

Maybe it's just fabric, or just paint, but it's something new.  
A little transformation.  And that always feels good to our souls. 

What would you like to create?  What swirls through your heart, friend?  Do you make time to invest in creating?  

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  1. My home of course is my biggest creative outlet, however time and money often get in the way. I think my most accessible and spur of the moment inspired creativity comes when I take a few minutes to capture little bits with my camera. Not necessarily my kiddos or people, but the little tidbits of my life. Cooking too... I love, love, love to cook, and somehow it seems like a justifiable outlet... and plus honestly, you have to do it so it might as well be enjoyable!